About Us.

The Face Behind Orbis Support.

The Face Behind Orbis Support


Hello, I’m Nigel Devine founder of Orbis Support Limited. The concept for Orbis Support was born out of a conversation of how to deliver the best possible support and practice to people with learning disabilities who choose to live in their own homes in the community. I passionately believe that our team have the knowledge, experience and commitment to lead services unique to the people we support can be which leads to positive outcomes for each and every person who chooses to employ us. We are confident that we can combine top quality support, planning, technology and access to housing to achieve our goal. We will make every effort to access every resource available to us to bring successful outcomes that meet the every person we supports needs and expectations.

Meet the Team

Tina Hatton

Tina joined the company in October 2017

Simple Support

Our Aim

Our aim is simple. To demonstrate that we can make a positive difference in every single person we support. We will do this by:

Listening and responding to the person supported

By using creative and flexible practice

By Investing heavily in Orbis employees

It’s rather simple really.


Orbis is committed to ensuring the person is in the centre of their model. The service provided will always be bespoke and will always, without exception, be designed to meet the person’s needs. Orbis are dedicated to reversing the devaluation process which many individuals who have been part of devalued groups in society, have experienced throughout their lives.