GPs urged to keep register for Autistic Patients

By August 2, 2017 No Comments

Proposed Incentive to Improve Care for Autistic Patients

NICE (The National Institute for health and Care Excellence) has recommended to GPs to create registers of all of their patients that have autism, in order to allow for better preparation and care during appointments. This register, whilst anonymous outside the practice, would allow patients to be identified that may need adjustments to be able to see a doctor, for instance visiting at a less busy time or having dimmed lights for those with sensory issues.

The data could also be used to create a national picture of the care people with autism receive, as well as access to wider care services. For example, if it is known that many people with autism are registered with one GP, it may be possible to arrange support groups, as well as being able to better plan for future activities and services. However, it is equally important not to label people with autism under one band, as no two people are ever the same and may need different requirements.

 The National Autistic Society said it would “help improve the health and well-being of autistic people”.