New Support Team Training- Day One

By August 30, 2017 No Comments

Day One- Induction Training

Today we welcome all of our new starters to the first day of their induction training for the upcoming new service which is due to start in about a months time.

Each one of these new starters has been specifically chosen for the person supported. Whenever it is possible, we encourage the person to be as involved in the interview process. We have had some excellent discussions and insights with the new team and are looking forward to covering other modules later in the week, such as learning disabilities, risk assessments and meeting the parents of the young man we will be supporting!

If the person doesn’t want to be involved, family members (or nominated people by the person supported) are often asked to be involved in the interview process.

Each of our services will, without fail, have a bespoke approach when creating their new service. This ensures the service is specifically tailored to meet the person supported’s needs!