What We Do.

What does Orbis Support do?

Orbis Support are a supported living organisation who specialise in providing bespoke packages of support to people with learning disabilities and complex needs who wish to live in the community in their own home.

Orbis will primarily support adults and children with:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Autism
  • Dementia
  • Behaviour that challenges
  • Enduring mental health difficulties
  • Forensics / Offending behaviour
  • Physical disabilities

All of the people supported by Orbis will be assessed prior to a service being offered. The assessment will ensure that the model Orbis use is appropriate for the potential service. Orbis will ensure that each person supported has a bespoke package of support which caters for their individual needs. Each person supported will have the opportunity to experience the following;

  • Choosing their own home (subject to an environmental risk assessment)
  • Choosing their own support team – this will include the person identifying the skills and attributes they would like in their support team. First phase interview will be completed by Orbis management to ensure the potential support person is suitable for employment. The second phase will be completed by the person supported. It will be their decision about who they decide to have in their support team.

Training will be bespoke to the person supported, however, some of the modules will always need to be taught, a typical training schedule for someone supported may look like the following;

  • Day 1 – The clinical and support model (Mandatory)
  • Day 2 – Challenging behaviour module (will vary depending on the person)
  • Day 3 – Operational management (Mandatory)
  • Day 4 – Breakaway training (If required)
  • Day 5 – Bespoke day (family/professionals invited, important documents taught, the person supported can teach and complete his/her personal agreement with the new support team) – This day will happen on Day 4 if breakaway training isn’t needed

Additional training about the person supported will be provided by Orbis. The need for this training will be determined on an individual basis.

Orbis’ model of support will be based around relationships and the importance of having valued relationships in one’s life. It is common amongst individuals who have learning disabilities or those that are part of a devalued group to have little to no valued relationships in their lives.

Orbis’ job will be to support the individual to gain new, non-paid, relationships in his/her life. A relationship model will be used to achieve this.